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Access Violation At Address 004a7667 In Module Ggmm Exe expnav




: reading 0x00000008 0x0000000000000000 This is an array, not a pointer. Perhaps the pointer is missing (should be section of the program's executable), not in.bss. A: The final line m_i = new int[m_s]; creates an array of m_s ints. This allocates space for the first m_s integers, and tries to assign the m_sth value to a non-existent memory address. This causes a runtime exception. You can't assign to an array without dereferencing it. You need to allocate space in the memory allocated to your process, and then copy the array to that space. Laura Ingraham apologized for her insensitive remarks following the death of Fidel Castro. (Photo: Shutterstock) Fox News radio host Laura Ingraham said she was sorry Monday night for using a homophobic slur to describe Cuban dictator Fidel Castro and his brother, Raul, during a show. During Monday night’s show, the conservative radio host described the two leaders, who both have been dead for decades, as the “pope” and “the frog” as she discussed the end of Fidel Castro’s life. Ingraham, whose show has been a host favorite on the conservative talk radio station Salem Communications, expressed remorse for the remark on Twitter and added that she never meant to offend. “I am so very sorry for the terrible error in judgment that I made yesterday on my show,” Ingraham wrote. “In my defense, I was not trying to be homophobic, I was trying to point out the absurdities of life under totalitarianism. I am now learning that this was a terrible error of taste and judgment that I will never make again.” Ingraham has faced backlash from politicians and media outlets for her comments. LGBTQ rights advocate and former Obama administration official Josh Zakim wrote on Twitter that her remark was “insensitive and wrong.” “And you know what? I’ve never been to Cuba. But I do know what intolerance looks like. It’s painful to see it in action by those with privilege,” Zakim wrote. “You have work to do.” Castro led the Cuban government from 1959 until 2006, when he ceded power to Raul




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Access Violation At Address 004a7667 In Module Ggmm Exe expnav

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